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If you are interested in Tuskegee University but have not been accepted yet, this section is for you. Click here for information on the University and tips on getting accepted

Accepted Students


Have you been accepted to Tuskegee University?  If so, CONGRATULATIONS and this section is for you. Click here for information on the Chicago Tuskegee Club Scholarship and tips for succeeding as a new student

Current Students


This section is for our current Tuskegee Ladies and Tuskegee Gentlemen.  Click here for info on Scholarships and the Club's Ambassador's program



If you have a child considering attending or already attending Tuskegee and you want to know how to support their Tuskegee Experience, CLICK HERE

Young Alumni


So you've just recently graduated from Tuskegee and you're living in the Chicago area? CONGRATULATIONS!  Click here for info on Chicago Club activities and programs for Mother Tuskegee's Young Alumni

Interested Students


Learn More About Tuskegee

The best way to learn about attending Tuskegee University is to visit their website

Tuskegee University Admissions & Financial aid

Upcoming events

The Chicago Tuskegee Club regularly has events for fun, recruting, and fund-raising.  When you attend an event, you'll get a chance to meet and get know Tuskegeeans of all ages and majors

Events page

General Scholarship and Financial Aid Information

Here are some links to general college admissions and financial aid information:

Federal Student Aid (US Department of Education)

United Negro College Fund (UNCF)

Accepted Students


Chicago Tuskegee Club Scholarship

Each year, the Chicago Tuskegee Club awards a small number of students a tuition scholarship for the upcoming year's Fall and Spring Semester.  Click the button below to apply for the scholarship:

Chicago Tuskegee Club Scholarship

Current Students


Tuskegee University Illinois Club

Tuskegee University students can join the on-campus Illinois Club.

The current club President is: Jamila Hugeley

The Chicago Tuskegee Club communicates with the TU Illinois Club often with information for students returning home on breaks and holidays and for scholarship information.

Tuskegee Ambassadors

The Chicago Tuskegee Club has an Ambassadors Club for students returning to Chicago over breaks and holidays.  The Ambassadors participate in recruiting at Chicago high schools.

Club Scholarship recipients must participate in Ambassador activities when they are in town.

To join or learn more info, contact Deborah Johnson

Here are some links to general college admissions and financial aid information:

Federal Student Aid (US Department of Education)

United Negro College Fund (UNCF)

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Young Alumni

Recent Graduates

You've just recently graduated from Tuskegee University and moved to Chicago or elsewhere in Illinois.  We at the Chicago Tuskegee Club invite you to become active with our local, regional, and national alumni association.

If you don't know who's in Chicago or even if you have a group of 'Skegee friends that you're connected with, the Club connects you with Alumni of all ages and in careers of almost all  the disciplines Tuskegee provides. 

The benefits of joining and networking with the Club:

  • Connections with those with more career experience in your starting job
  • Build relationships with members of your chosen fraternity or sorority graduate chapters
  • Get advice from fellow alumni that have gone through graduate school
  • Give back in terms of donations, time, and your talent to support recruitment efforts so that the next generation gets a chance to live the Tuskegee Experience

Career Coaching

The Club's more experienced members are able to and eager to mentor and assist our young alumni in career advice, job search, and connections with other philanthropic organzations.  For more information on your specific interests, contact us below

Connect with Us on LinkedIn for Professional Support

Chicago Tuskegee Club Scholarship Application

The 2019 - 2020 School Year Chicago Tuskegee Club Scholarship Application is now available on this website. Scroll up to click the button "Chicago Tuskegee Club Scholarship" to be taken to the Scholarship form. If you are interested in being on the distribution list for the Second Semester or 2020 - 2021 School Year, please provide your email address below to be placed on our distribution list. We'll contact you when those scholarship applications become available.

Chicago Tuskegee Club 2019 Summer Jobs Program