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The Pride of the Swift Growing South in the Second City

Our Mission

Support Tuskegee University's Mission


 The Chicago Tuskegee Club was formally incorporated in 1945 in the State of Illinois yet has functioned as an organization for the fidelity of Tuskegee University since the early 1900s. We the Chicago Alumni continue to support our Alma Mater’s legacy and mission. 

The mission of Chicago Tuskegee Alumni Club is to support the mission of Tuskegee University through recruiting Chicago and Illinois-area students, providing scholarships, and to provide a social and spirited comraderie with fellow Tuskegee Alumni, Family, and Supporters.



As part of our mission to support Tuskegee University, we, the Tuskegee University Alumni, recruit Chicago-area students to attend Tuskegee and provide college scholarships and financial aid advice.

Scholarship Fundraising


We provide entertaining events to raise money for college scholarships.  Our events appeal to both Tuskegeeans and non-Tuskegeeans alike.  See our Events page for a list of up-coming events.

Why You Should Choose Tuskegee

Check out this great video about why you should choose Tuskegee University 


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Donate to the Chicago Tuskegee Club's Scholarship Fund.  Why $18.81? You can donate as much as you'd like but Tuskegee was founded in 1881.